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Crane Care Operations Certification Questions

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Crane Care Operations Frequently Asked Questions...

*Why choose Crane Care Operations?
    We have been teaching since 2007. Our pass rate is extremely high. As a crane operator you must understand that this test is very different from your day to day picks.  This test is based from the laws that NCCCO and OSHA have created to make working with a crane as safe as possible. Crane Care Ops doesn't just teach you the questions on the test we cover everything you encouter during your operation.  We can train you from green or journeyman. As a company we have trained operators from California to Florida. Also, we have a NCCCO accredited auditor on staff. Dont just take a course to pass, take it to learn and become the best operator you can be.  We are still learning the business because lets be honest who couldnt learn more about safety, operation, laws, and responsibilities of beign a GREAT OPERATOR.     

*What does the quote price inclue?
     Everything. The price you are given includes test fees; written and practical exam fees. Practice time and course fees. If you do not pass the written the first time you can sit in the class for free the next available class. 

*How do I get applications for NCCCO certifications?
    Follow the link to the NCCCO website...

*How do I get the Handbooks issued from NCCCO?
    During the class we will provide you with the information needed to pass the written exam, or you can visit 

*How many days is the class?
    We offer 2 different courses: a 2 day course (mostly re-certs) 1 day Core 1 Day written examination preperation and test on 3rd day. OR a 5 day course, 2 days Core exam 2 days load charts and 5th day testing (recommended for newly certified crane operators)

*Can I take the test for more than one crane at a time?
    Yes... It is cheaper to take the small and large telescopic together. It will be the same core test but you would add on one specialty(load chart) test to it.

*Will Crane Care Operations help me find a job?
    YES! Since we are a company in good standing with many other crane companies we do have the possibility of job placement. There are companies out there looking for hard working, knowledgable employees that we recommend.

*Is Re-Certifying Easy?
    Sometimes.  Most people dont remember a lot of what they have learned from 5 years ago. The basic laws still apply, but there have been many changes.  If you are willing to study and learn, then yes we are confident you will pass.